Michigan gay marriage: Should the federal government intervene in states' gay marriage cases?

  • Gay Marriage - Married in one state but not another

    It seems to me, that the question of same sex marriage should be a federal one. As part of a heterosexual marriage I have the privilege of knowing that wherever I travel or relocate my marriage will be recognized. By allowing same sex marriage to be legislated at the state level you have the inconvenience of knowing your marriage may be legal in the state you currently reside but not in any number of other states where you may wish to relocate.

    Legislating at the state level (or even worse) the city level makes for a lot of confusion. If same sex marriage is to be legal, make it legal in all US states and territories and legislate at the federal level.

  • Should be supported but through the same process.

    Every state that supports gay marriage went through the same process with striking down the ban and then winning the appeal and the federal government did not intervene with the process. Even though the law is at a stalemate right now it will in time eventually happen and then the rest of the country will follow. But in its own times, more and more states are added to the list every year.

  • Its not their Business

    Breaking the Law (murder, rape ect...) requires state intervention, natural disasters (i.E. Hurricanes) require state intervention, but something as small and insignificant to the nation as two homosexuals getting married is a waste of time to be worried about and to intervene... Our government is nosy enough.

    Cant they just leave these things alone??? It has nothing to do with the nation/state and does not affect it (unless your a super authoritarian religious person). THEREFORE let people marry who they want without any hassle.

  • Keeping the Federal Government out of Gay Marriages.

    There have been many trying times for a lot of people when it comes to reasons why Gay marriage should not be legalized, but then you look at who are we to stop it, many people talk about what's in the bible, there is much more than that in the bible that people skip over, like love your enemy, love your neighbor, no killing or stealing. We are not GOD so who are we to judge and stop people from being in love. If that is your belief than you keep it to your self and still learn to love. You don't know what feelings people have, if a man likes or falls in love with another man, how can we tell them that is just a phase, let God handle that in the way that he will. If you are a Christians that go by the bible, than believe that God will handle it. And keep his word alive.

  • The Federal Government shouldn't intervene in Michigan's gay marriage case.

    Many superior state courts recently, such as Utah and Arizona, have reached surprising results in favor of gay marriage. All without any federal government intervention. Slowly over the years, states are beginning to recognize the legitimacy of gay marriage. A State's ability and sovereignty, to come to these terms on their own time and values, are very important to the working of US democracy. I think inevitably, gay marriage will be recognized in remaining states. But the federal government would only be stoking the fire of the Christian right, should they feel the need to step in and assert themselves in these situations.

  • Legalize It Across The Board

    I do not believe the federal government should intervene in states' gay marriage cases. States have the right to institute their own laws. If the government wants to change this, then they should simply legalize it across the country. Most of the citizens agree with this step, why waste time changing things in the court system?

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