Michigan knife laws: Should people in Michigan be allowed to own switchblade knives?

  • Yes they should

    They might need it for self defense. If they are a responsible, law abiding, citizen than they should be able to have that knife, if they are a convicted criminal or mentally ill then they should not be able to have it. Banning law abiding people from owning it is silly.

  • It's Just a Blade

    People everywhere should be allowed to own a simple switch blade. Are people these days that scared of each other, so scared that a tiny but sharp piece of metal is enough to make people cower in fear.

    If they think outlawing switch blades will take them away from those who want to use them for harm, they're wrong.

  • Like with anything else, it's a weapon

    I am sure there will be laws put into place about the use of weapons in the future, defining weapons of either guns, knives or other forms of weaponry. Michigan may be the first stopping ground for establishing laws in regards to switchblade knives and their use in public. Carrying the switchblade knife may be used for some people in their line of work (as a use for box openers), but once used as a weapon for self defense or harm, the laws will be placed.

  • Yes, people in Michigan should have the freedom to own switchblade knives.

    Switchblade knives can be used for many legitimate purposes and are not inherently criminal tools. More importantly, people should have the freedom to own almost any kind of tool unless and until the individual person has shown he or she is a danger to himself or others or commits a crime involving the misuse of a switchblade. Laws should govern the actions of individuals and not give a blanket prohibition on most items.

  • Why carry weapons

    I never understood the fascination this country has with weapons. I agree that it is our second amendment to have the right to bear arms but people should realize when these amendment were put down, it was a whole different country. I dont see why we should feel the need to carry weapons in our time? To protect ourself? from who? The other nuts carrying weapons

  • Switchblade knives should not be everyday carry

    I understand the feeling of wanting to be ready for any eventuality but switchblade knives are really only for show, they benefit the gangs more than the hunter. People who know how to handle such tools need to have tests or permits so they can legally purchase these kinds of knives.

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