Michigan recount: Will the Michigan recount result in any change to the election results?

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  • Too much to overcome.

    There was a reason that Trump held his last rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He knew that he had a good chance to take the state there. And Trump ended up winning Michigan by a large margin. No one has ever overcome that large of a margin in a recount.

  • No, the Michigan recount will not result in any change

    The recount of the election in Michigan is a costly waste of time. There will be no change or impact even after the recount. The popular vote shows that Hillary Clinton was the winner but the electoral college will prevail. If there is to be a change, we need to eliminate the electoral college.

  • The Michigan recount is not likely to change the election results

    The Michigan recount would not be able to change the election results even if the state flipped and its electoral votes were cast for Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump because of the combined electoral votes of several other states. A different result from the Michigan recount could only be part of a series of things that could affect the presidential election, such as recounts in other states also having different results, the discovery of a widespread voter fraud/suppression conspiracy, or faithless electors from several states casting votes against Donald Trump.

  • Doubtful, but worth a shot

    There is definitely a need for a recount, especially in these states where the results didn't quite match the polling. There has been so much talk about rigged elections, and there have been factual accounts of outside entities getting involved in this year's election. If nothing else, the people that voted need to know that the votes were real and there was no fraudulent activity swaying the election results.

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