Mickey Rooney: Was Mickey Rooney a talented entertainer?

  • Yes, I think Mickey Rooney was a talented entertainer.

    Mickey Rooney because known globally for his talented acting and developed a very large fan base, I think it's safe to say that some people will dislike him while others will love him but overall I think that he had much more talent then the average person in the entertainment area.

  • Yes, he was immensely talented.

    Yes, I think Mickey Rooney was an immensely talented entertainer. He started as a child with his parents in Vaudeville, then moved to television. Mickey Rooney was able to move into assorted characters and play them with emotion and realism. His charisma pulled the audience in and got them involved in the show. He was versatile and genuine.

  • He was the best

    Mickey Rooney was simply the best entertainer that has ever stepped a foot in Hollywood. All my childhood is marked by his memorable performances and I will never forget his outstanding charisma and infinite talent. Farewell, Mickey, I will always love you and remember you as the best performer ever.

  • Yes he was

    He was a legend in comedy. He had many many roles that he had played in. He was Regis Philbin's best friend. These two men together could have a crowd of people cracking up laughing without ceasing. He was well known he was always on Television. He worked until he was in his 80s.

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