Mickey Rooney: Will his family blemish his legacy with a prolonged court battle regarding his last wishes?

  • Yes, unfortunately younger generations may only know his name from seeing it tied in with the case in tabloids.

    Despite his vast achievements in film, many of Rooney's dearest fans are aging. His legacy rests on the younger generations of today. The impending battle over his estate will unfortunately cloud press coverage instead of his acting career. His descendants should accept his wishes and celebrate his life and career. Letting his talent fade in the mind of people in favor of fighting over his money is a shame. The better course of action is to publicize his works and keep his talent as an actor remembered.

  • Yes, humans are greedy

    It is hard to lose family members and a lot of people tend to grapple over belongings, sometimes for sentiment and other times through grief. But too often the pain turns from grief to greed. Rooney lived a long successful life and acquired a lot of wealth on the way. Most likely there will be a fight for who is 'owed' what.

  • A post mortem legat battle has no impact on what Rooney did with his career.

    Mickey Rooney established himself as an actor long ago. The idea that a legal battle, over a very meager estate, would blemish his legacy, is not fair to the accomplishments of the man himself. Time has shown that in similar cases, post mortem legal battles between heirs, is usually forgotten rather quickly. The mans legacy will speak for itself.

  • No One Cares

    Mickey Rooney's legacy will not be harmed by his families bickering. Their bickering is indicative of what many families go through after someone passes. It is often worse when their is something to gain. Obviously, Mickey Rooney would have had a lot of assets and I think it is normal for some families to tear themselves apart in this manner.

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