Microsoft begins accepting Bitcoin: Do you think Bitcoin will catch on in this market?

  • Bitcoin will catch on

    Microsoft is the perfect market for Bitcoin to partner with since it is a technology-based currency. People who use Microsoft products are typically tech savvy, so using Bitcoin makes sense. Choosing Bitcoin over traditional currency to pay for Microsoft products may reduce the price of the products since the company will not be paying credit card fees.

  • Yes, I think Bitcoin will catch on in this market.

    Yes, I think Bitcoin will catch on in this market. The Internet has been buzzing about Bitcoin ever since it first came out and people were able to start mining the coins. The fact that Microsoft is beginning to accept Bitcoin will only have a more positive influence on the rise of Bitcoin since Microsoft has a huge influence on the technology market. Given that Bitcoin is an e-currency and Microsoft is accepting it, I think Bitcoin should catch on in this market.

  • Its popularity might increase, but not on a mainstream level

    Bitcoin is not for everyone. Many people can't even wrap their heads around the concept of it. With Internet data breaches and identity theft on the rise, I can't see the masses lining up to invest in a new way to be potentially ripped off over the Internet. But, it may grow in popularity to some degree.

  • No, Bitcoin will not catch on.

    I do not think that Bitcoin will catch on in this market despite Microsoft accepting it. Although Microsoft are a large and well trusted company, this doesn't change the fact that many people prefer to deal in real money rather than risk their chances with the more unusual bitcoin currency.

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