• Technology kills us

    Robots will take more of our jobs, unemployed people will either starve to death or go crazy, while whose who organized this chaos will picket trillions, calling it "progress" and those who see truth "luddites". Truth is that we need to develop space program, consume less useless staff and cleanup our planet instead of letting them create another Skynet.

  • Sick of technology... To an extent

    Just a personal opinion, but whenever I see people using their "smart"phones, I see that as being distracted from what's more important in life. And it's not that our phones are not important; I can well understand people that use them for business purposes or to get in contact with friends and co-workers and so on. But I'm thinking more about the way we socialize as a whole; I have enough time to play with these fancy gadgets at home, but when I'm hanging out with my friends or at any social gathering, I tend to keep the technology turned off, or keep it as limited as possible. Personally, I don't see a constant need to be glued to a certain type of phone constantly. And in my opinion, I feel that it takes away from our social interaction skills. Sure, it's nice to have hobbies, and technology can have its benefits, but there are certain times where I want to unplug for a few hours and enjoy quality values with people. Not saying that I'm sick of technology, but let's just say... I won't be purchasing the Hololens at any point in the distant future.

    Posted by: S.K
  • People will always be tech savy

    The great part of technology is that it is always evolving. People enjoy the next, greatest thing even if it is a slight upgrade over the previous version. We have moved into an era where we always have to stay connected and our devices must always be ahead of the curve.

  • Technology has become our lifeline.

    I don't think people will ever get sick of technology to point where it is negative. We have become so dependant on technology that it is hard to consider what life would be like without it. I think sometimes it is easy to become annoyed by it, however we depend on it to a scary level in my opinion. I'm not sure if masses of people would know how to live or conduct themselves without the constant submersion in technology.

  • People crave new innovations in technology.

    Technological advances such as the Microsoft Hololens are always initially treated with suspicion before being taken up by select groups of people - such as tech enthusiasts - and eventually developing mainstream appeal. While the idea of the Hololens and the Google Glass has been treated with denigration, it is only a matter of time before they become mainstream technological items.

  • People are still loving technology

    No, I disagree that people are sick of technology. With all the new forms of technology coming out, such as refrigerators that order more food automatically for you when you run out of items, people are craving more innovative forms of technology. Microsoft Hololens, which brings holograms to life, is just another example of a company fulfilling people's desire for more creative technology.

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