• Windows is better for OS but mac is only just better for hardware.

    Why PCs are better than Macs: Security

    This is where Mac fans get smug. 'There are no viruses in the OS X world', they say. And 'you don't need antivirus on a Mac'. The first statement is palpably untrue, the second is debatable. There is no doubt that you are less likely to be infected by a computer virus if your computer is a Mac. This is partly because OS X - as a UNIX-based system - is compartmentalised in such a way that it is harder to infect than a Windows PC. And it is also true that fewer criminals attempt to hack Macs because there is a smaller user base and it is harder to do. Criminals don't become criminals because they have a great work ethic.

    But Macs are not inherently secure. They do get malware, and that is likely to become a bigger deal as Mac market share grows. Moreover the vector of attack these days tends to be social rather than technical. You are more likely to be phished for bank details, or persuaded to click a dodgy link on Facebook, than you are to hit by a driveby malware exploit. (This is one reason why security software companies are desperately trying to get people to install pointless AV on smartphones.)

    Windows is very far from perfect. It is inherently insecure. But at least Windows users know that. The herd immunity is far from perfect, but as a percentage Windows users are more likely than their Mac brethren to run security software. Windows 8 comes with antivirus baked in. It is, as Kylie once sang, better the devil you know. All internet use exposes you to threat: at least Windows users no they cannot be complacent.

    Why PCs are better than Macs: Value

    We have covered this before, but let me say it again: the cheapest Mac is the basic no thrills Mac mini. It has integrated graphics and limited storage. And without a keyboard or display it costs five hundred quid.

    Most Macs are actually decent value, but they are not cheap. And they cater to a wealthy, high-end clientele. If you want a true value computer you need to look to the Windows world. You can pick up a decent family or office PC or laptop for £350 or even less. And that's value.

    Why PCs are better than Macs: Software

    - software support. Windows software is like Windows games, and the same is true on the Mac side. There are plenty of programs to run on your OS X Mac. And most major programs have Mac versions. But that's most, and not all. And they are often ports of software originally developed for Windows.

    The Windows world is a feast of free- and shareware, free downloads that do just about anything. On the Mac side you have to change the settings to install anything that isn't approved by Apple itself. It means the software all works well, but the choice is limited.

  • I'm going to interpret this as PC with Windows OS vs Mac.

    PRICE: Macs cost double just because they're Macs for some weird reason. I don't know why.
    USEABILITY: Depends. A Mac is more user friendly for my mom..
    CUSTOMIZABILITY: I build my own PC, choose whatever components I want or need, a Mac is just a prebuilt PC with Mac OS and barely sufficient hardware. PCs offer more upgrade possibilities.
    APPEARANCE: This is very subjective, but a PC can look like anything you want with multiple chassis options, a Mac will always look like a toy.
    GAMES: Forget Mac if you're into gaming. It's a joke.
    SOFTWARE: 3D, Design, Programming and Music available for both, though Macs may be held back by hardware.
    APPLE: The only thing they have going for it is this idea that they're 'cool', which they're not, and weird product loyalty. All apple software contains bloatware and spyware. Steve Jobs was a Jerk.
    MICROSOFT: More choices with both software and hardware, Bill Gates is a philanthropist. ‘Fans’ like them because their products are functional, not because oh-my-ghad-it’s-apple.

  • Technology doesn't matter , quality does

    Microsoft is no doubt better than apple, we cant say apple is better just because it is new and has the latest technology . Microsoft is old and trustable. It even has its own Email website , which is Hotmail.Com. You buy the latest apple technology today and then, tomorrow you find the price has been reduced to half because of some new technology. It is not the same with microsoft.

  • Do you really think apple is better than windows?

    Windows is better than apple in many ways. First, It had way more options as mac only has MacBook Pro, MacBook mini, MacBook Air, Etc while windows has all the other computers left in the world! It also is not overpriced. The cheapest mac which is the MacBook mini is not a good choice and costs about $500 while a good family windows computer epwhich is way better than the MacBook mini can cost only about $250! These are two reasons why windows is better than apple.

  • Microsoft Is Original

    Microsoft was the first company to release its own OS. It has a slick look and has now released touchscreen laptops. Do Macs have that?? NNOOO. So all Apple do is copy Microsoft. Microsoft were also the first to release a smartwatch - 254 days later - the Apple Watch. I mean what type of name is that anyway? So in conclusion, MICROSOFT ALWAYS HAS BEEN, IS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE BETTER THAN APPLE.

  • Better price for better specs

    Apple's products have good built quality but dosent mean windows don't.For about 1200 bucks i can buy a windows laptop that has a higher cpu and gpu .Double the ram and a better cooling system .For that price i can only buy a crappy macbook with only 8 gigs of ram and a core i5.Wtf apple.

  • The hardware! Its just better!

    Apple OS is a rip off of linux, windows os is a powerful computing software compatable with some of the most advanced hardware, as for people that say windows is "spaghetti code" thats because its original and doesnt steal another os, so haha. Die apple die apple die apple DIE!!!

  • Inclusivity, value and democracy...

    Microsoft democratised the computer, and made technology accessible to many more people than it had ever been before. The Windows platform keeps everything running, from businesses to charities; government organisations to medical services, and it's this universal platform approach that has made it possible for an endless array of software programs to be developed. Don't get me wrong, I like Apple (I own a MacBook and a Windows laptop), but their products are prohibitively expensive – and if you buy into the full system (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Watch etc) – they make it very difficult to get out again. While Apple is undoubtedly a cooler brand and arguably stronger for creative work, I see Microsoft as the glue that holds everything together, an 'unsung hero'. Windows is far from perfect - but in the interests of keeping technology affordable and open, the odd glitch is something I'm prepared to put up with.

  • Microsoft Does Not Cheat

    Apple uses child labor and kills new businesses by dodging taxes. In Apple's factories, the workers there barely make $4 a week and yawning can decrease their paycheck. Apple purposely makes their devices so they cannot support new versions of software so users must buy new devices. Also, Windows devices are customizable.

  • Microsoft is better

    1st reason Apple's OS X hasn't changed much over the last several years. But from Windows 7 to 8 to 10, Microsoft has removed, re-added, and gussied up its Start menu. Now you can find files and apps faster and get key information without opening up the app. 2nd reason
    Windows has always been a better place for gaming than the Mac. With Windows 10, Microsoft doubled up on that with a new Xbox app that literally lets you stream games from the Xbox One console to your Windows 10 laptop, tablet, or PC. 3rd reason Microsoft's hardware business has been pretty great at rethinking what a computer is and who it's for. The Microsoft Surface Book, a combination tablet and laptop, for example, has enough horsepower to play most marquee games. 4th reason In fact, Apple more or less copied the Surface Pro 4 tablet with its own iPad Pro. But where the iPad Pro runs a version of Apple iOS, meaning you get only a limited selection of apps, the Surface Pro 4 is all Windows all the time. That is why its better

  • Iphones are the best I rest my case

    I phones are one of the most used phones ever and they are the ones that have the best games and graphics. Ipads and Ipods and other things star ting with I are all the same I'm just lazy to write it all again plus apple has the best log and name

  • Microsoft copy cat

    Microsoft copyed apple's desktop os ikr ikr ikr ikr ikr ikr ! ! ! ! . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • The quality Matters most importantly

    Microsoft overall is a good company based on my experience but it fails a lot internet goes slow, too many updates all the time also they always have viruses, everything takes too long to download.

    Apple is outstanding! Never crashes internet is way faster there lighter in weight and there much safer everything downloads way faster and the screen is amazing. And way better customer service.

    Overall in my opinion, Apple is way better than Microsoft

  • Apple has more

    Why apple is better than microsoft is because,well, it just is! This is what microsoft says all the time and what they act like: BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA: so, now you know what microsoft really is

  • Microsoft is the better company

    Microsoft products has a better battery life than apple. For example I have the Microsoft band my husband has the apple watch my watch last up 3 more hours than THE APPLE watch. I had no problems with my Microsoft band after one week of using it my husband had to bring his apple watch back after one week of use because his screen was on the time with a charging icon next to the time

  • MS is a crapy monopoly that destroyed innovation

    Everybody complains how expensive is Apple but nobody said anything about MS, you can see how much % of profit is MS getting and is just because they have a monopoly, and even more expensive is the way they destroy more innovative companies like Netscape and Novel, they don't want to do the best SW they want to do the only SW and they will destroy better options if they can, I not defending Apple because they are also a company that seeks for profit not a charity but there's ways for doing that and MS is a bully and a crapy company that abuse his position.

  • Anything is better than microsoft

    Most recent experience was trying to reinstall OS! Omg such a disaster... I threw out CD rom as its the year 2015, not 2000 and CD roms are a thing of the past! So i then decided to look at the crappy sticker the put on laptop with product key which had worn off! So to find product key i had to download that magical jelly bean thing (seriously microsoft???) No joy, it gave a 20 digit key instead of a 25 digit key which wouldn't work when i tried downloading OS! So I went onto chat with their techie guys and they were absolutely USELESS!!!! One actually cut me off after me saying how difficult the experience was compared to doing the same thing on a MAC! I will never buy microsoft and make sure anyone I know spends that bit extra and gets a quality Mac! Especially for their customer service and aftercare its certaintely worth the extra!

  • Connectivity, approachability, smart looks and quality.

    The connectivity of all Apple devices is very impressive. If I take a photo from my phone, it's immediately on my Mac or iPad, than I can shoot it directly to my Apple TV to share with friends and family. This interconnectivity is unmatched.
    Their devices are beautiful. Well engineered, wonderfully designed, and are a pleasure to pick up and use. They arnt plasticy or flimsy, they are solid products. Not to mention they are easy to use. Frequent updates mean that everything continues to run smooth and flawless. Apple excels in small areas that can be easily overlooked. For example start up time. My mac starts up in labour 7 seconds, whereas my friends PC takes over a minute, as he types in his password for the antivirus software and then to log into his account.
    It's all relative to your occupation and what you are using your device for, but as I said, in terms of convenience, simplicity and quality, Apple devices are brilliant.

  • Windows has more features, but...

    I agree, windows has TONS of features. But do you know what it doesn't have that much of? Features that WORK. What Microsoft does is it pumps of feature after feature, without bothering to check if said features work. Apple, on the other hand, pumps out a fair bit of features, yet it checks those features again and again and again to make sure they work before giving them to their huge fan base. All in all, apple is more reliable.

  • Apple is much better for writing.

    I work as a professional writer, and the distraction free, clean interface that OSX's Pages offers is unparalleled. It has all the essential features, without the clutter. What's more, all of my content is immediately available on my iPhone with up to date changes. What's more, I don't have to pay for upgrades, and my batter on my macbook when writing lasts upwards of eight hours. I have yet to see a Windows machine that can match this performance. Oh, and don't even get me stated on durability.

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