Microsoft unveils cheapest smartphone: Should Microsoft sell this phone in the United States?

  • Microsoft should sell this phone worldwide

    Microsoft is unveiling a new phone, that is going to be the cheapest smart phone in the market. The going question is should they sell this phone in the united states or not, I think the simple answer to this question is yes. There are 300 million people in the united states alone, Millions are on welfare, food stamps or in low income households. Microsoft providing the cheapest smart phone would provide not only million's of people with accessible technology but it would allow them to create a market share for themselves by being the new smartphone that everyone has!

  • Bring on a Cheaper Smart Phone

    This technology is old enough that more people should have access to it through less expensive choices. There is no need for these phones to continue to cost as much as they do. Competition will help bring down the cost of these phones overall and let more people have them.

  • Microsoft should sell the phone everywhere.

    It is great that there is a new cheap smart phone. Nowadays, smart phones are not luxury items. Everyone needs to have one in order to function, so I am glad there is a phone that will be affordable for everyone. It was inevitable that the price of phones would gradually come down over time.

  • Microsoft should sell here

    Why shouldn't Microsoft market the cheapest smartphone in the United States? Consumers here like a bargain as much as consumers in other countries. I for one would be interested if the features are somewhat comparable to Apple for a lesser price. Many consumers want to buy a poroduct not a brand.

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