Microsoft went too far with Windows 10: Should people use Lunix instead?

  • Yes, consumers should seek alternatives to Microsoft's Windows 10.

    Despite the fact that Windows 10 carries over many popular features from earlier Windows versions, its many bugs warrant an alternative such as the Linux operating system. Linux users do not have to bother with the headache of cryptic error messages, faulty updates and general lack of support. Nor will they find their computers constantly crashing.

  • There are fewer bugs.

    Lunix is an operating system that is easy to use. It doesn't have nearly as many bugs as Microsoft Windows updates do. There are more people that try to find bugs and flaws in Windows operating systems, and that makes it more vulnerable than Lunix. Lunix is more stable and it's for more tech-savvy people.

  • It depends on the tastes

    Yes windows is bad, mediocre I'd say. But linux is not really the most adequate for regular use, windows is still the basis of working / browsing / et cetera. Therefore, despite it's current quality, people ought to give windows a chance

    P.S. - It's not LUNIX / It's LINUX

  • No, people should not necessarily use Linux.

    Consumers should not necessarily use Linux to punish Microsoft for Windows 10. Microsoft should be given a chance to make right on its mistakes. If consumers decide that Microsoft does not meet their needs, then they can decide to switch to other operating systems like Linux. However, Linux might not meet consumer needs as well as Microsoft does.

  • Going Backwards is not the Answer

    Granted, Windows 10 is horrible. If I could figure out how to go back to Windows 7, I wouldn't even hesitate. But Lunix is limited in the scope and execution of its programs. It doesn't provide the capabilities necessary to execute modern computers functions. Simplicity is good, but it has its limits in an evolving world.

  • Linux is too advanced

    Most people will have no idea what they are doing at all. In many flavors of linux, the terminal is required to perform many operations that can be done on windows with a right-click such as renaming a usb drive. Some flavors like ubuntu can work without touching the terminal but it still is very difficult to not use it.

  • Linux has it's place

    Linux is great and has it's benefits over Windows, but most distributions are not suitable for the average person to use. Users will struggle to perform some basic functions without preexisting knowledge of the operating system. Windows is still perfectly acceptable for home use. Linux is more suited for power users and other niche demographics.

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