Middle East Peace Talks: Will Israel and Palestine be able to forge a deal?

  • It Is Possible

    I believe Israel and Palestine will be able to forge a deal if both sides can make concessions. I believe there is a possibility for this to happen if both parties cooperate, but it will indeed take both sides. They have had the opportunity in the past. Hopefully it will be addressed and resolved this time.

  • No way and they don't need to.

    The "Palestinians" can go back to Jordan, the state created for them the same time that Israel was created. They don't deserve the Israeli land that they occupy. While some palestinians were forced from their homes, others left willingly because the surrounded Arab nations said to clear the way for their armies. Those Arabs that call themselves palestinians won't even recognize the existence of the state of Israel, so there will not be a deal.

  • I wish they could, but I don't think so

    I think that despite extensive meetings and peace talks, Israel and Palestine will not be able to forge a deal. There is too much animosity between the two countries, and too much history of conflict. As much as I hope they can, I don't think that they will ever be able to peacefully co-exist.

  • No they will not

    I hope that they do make a deal to bring peace in that region, but I do not think that they will. I'm afraid matters will just get worse in that region and more violence will occur. Maybe the history between them is making it hard for them to reconcile their differences.

  • Not Right Now

    Israel and Palestine won't be able to forge a deal right now. Given time, both sides will come to terms with the fact that both sides want peace no matter what. One game changer will be oil. Once the United States doesn't depend upon Middle Eastern oil, foreign aid for Israel will cease to exist. The only reason America supports Israel so much is because we need Arab oil supplies.

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