Mideast peace talks: Will Israel and Palestine be able to make a peace deal?

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  • It Is Doubtful

    It would appear that this round of peace talks between Israel and Palestine is just as marred with problems as all the prior negotiations. I have my doubts they will be able to come up with an agreement. I think we'll see another Arab Spring this year and I think the fighting will continue as we've seen it unfold for centuries.

  • There won't be a peace deal in the Middle East.

    Because of the overwhelming differences of the people of Israel and Palestine, there will never be a state of peace. Because the populations have undying hatred for each other and the desire to war with each other, and the feeling of ownership of the land will prevent any lasting peace.

  • They will not because they don't want to

    I don't think that Palestine and Israel will ever be able to make a peace deal because both the nations are not willing to do so. They both have been warring for such a long time because there are so many unresolved issues in between. All these issues need to be resolved first even if they want to think about peace talks.

  • Israel and Palestine conflict too deep for peace deal

    The conflict between Palestine and Israel is too long-lasting and deep seated to be affected by peace talks. Both countries have too many issues that have gone of for too long to be sorted out now. Attempts at peace in the past have all failed and nothing is different this time.

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