Might Obama be impeached for his role and/or knowledge in the Benghazi and IRS scandals?

  • Corruption or Incompetence?

    There are two considerations here. Either the Obama Administration is corrupt, or the Obama Administration is inept.

    For the sake of full disclosure, I will admit that I'm am most ardently Anti-Obama. However, I will attempt to keep this as rational as possible.

    Many of the people I discuss these topics with love to point out the plausible deniability that Reagan was granted during the Iran-Contra Affair. On the humorous side, a left wing wag noted that Reagan didn't even know he was president. Yes, I can laugh at Liberal attempts at humor just as much as Conservative.

    More to the point, yes, to some extent, a president isn't going to be aware of every thing that happens during his watch. With the size of government as it is, it's to be expected. We certainly didn't bean Bush over the head for Abu Ghraib. Well, not too hard.

    So, why is it so different for Obama? It's not really. A GSA outing costing $800,000, got swept under the rug. Solyndra failed after a massive government bailout, forgiven and forgotten. His highly questionable friends and associations. Dismissed

    However, the problem is the scandals are really start piling up.

    Fast and Furious
    Obamacare debacle

    The list goes on and on.

    So, which is it? Corrupt or Incompetent? My personal view is a mixture of the two combined with arrogance and complacency.

  • Obama might have known about what was happening.

    There were multiple reports that Obama was meeting with high people in the White House during these events for no specific reasons. Some military officials in Benghazi said they were told not to take action during the events, and did Obama make the call to do that? I would like to hear your opinions.

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