Might the dismissive attitude toward fans of Justin Bieber be, in part, a symptom of sexism in society?

Asked by: kbub
  • Bare with me

    Here is my rationale for making this topic. I am a bit of a music snob, and don't like the music of Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, or One Direction. I actually used to participate in making fun of persons who listened to them, invoking the image of the high-pitched squeals of what I assumed were middle school females who made up his fanbase. However, as I thought about it, this dismissive attitude of mine didn't make sense. Most music on the pop radio I equally dislike, including (sorry y'all!) country music. Why the venom for Bieber and Friends? It seems strange that I judged young females for having sexual excitement for a young male model-musician, especially when boys are exposed to female model-musicians who utilize their bodies in far more obvious and explicit ways than Bieber. What is it that really bothers us about Bieber fans? For my part, I regret that I saw them all as irrational, over-emotional females who followed the times rather than their ears. However, this is extremely unfair to them I think, because so many people follow the music times without much original taste and Justin Bieber is a genuine musical artist, even if I personally don't find him thrilling. Perhaps then our dismisiveness comes from the image invoked of young girls being sexually attracted to a young, vulnerable male model, or the stereotype of emotional young women fanatics. I confess that for my part I don't think my Bieber hatred was free of sexism. I realize that this isn't all of what's going on: For some people, I'm sure Bieber gets under their skin, while for others he is just another person to hate. I think though, the image of the fans is what is behind the dismissive attitude toward the fans. Let me know your thoughts?

    Posted by: kbub
  • I think so

    Many people do not care for Justin Bieber predominantly because Bieber is indeed a woman, that is a known fact. Since we still live in a world where misogyny is still a very real thing, it can sensibly be concluded that the dismissive attitude towards Justin Bieber and her fans is at the very least party due to the fact that Bieber is a woman.

  • Is it unconscious sexism?

    Yes. Because in my experience of the three high schools i've been to and my friends from other countries, it seems that if a guy adores bieber and not hate him the way other people do, they are considered gay and that something is wrong with them. But people don't realise that their hatred towards a celebrity that has nothing to do with their own lives are affecting the people around them in some way. Basically it is sexism in the sense that people label anyone who likes bieber as either immature or homosexual.

  • Really? Sexism? Seriously?

    What's the sexism coming from? If one were to look at the popular trends to children ages 12-14 and then look at the adult reaction to it you'd see a 'dismissive attitude'. It has nothing to do with the fact that the largest demographic of beiber is preteen females is irrelevant because if you were to look at the general opinion of 13 year old kids on Call of Duty you'd see the same reaction, regardless of gender.

  • Other male idols do not suffer from the same problem.

    While many male celebrities especially korean stars have an almost entirely female fan base, no guys hate them. At the very least they don't say it out loud. For example, popular actor Lee Min Ho who starred in the Heirs. I don't know about the US, but he's like really popular here regardless of gender. Plus, I'm a teen female and I DON'T LIKE Justin Bieber. Hatred would be a bit too much, but I certainly disliked him. Undoubtedly people around you do exert influence, but I think most people hate him for his conduct. His songs aren't nice anyway.

  • Women are actually stupid.

    Okay, not really, but I'm glad I have your attention. It's not sexism of any kind; Beliebers shamelessly bring the dismissive attitude upon themselves. When someone continues to support, cry for, and even cut for a guy who exhibits grossly immature behavior on a constant basis, those fans are without a doubt acting irrationally. As it turns out, these fans happen to be for the most part women. It's not looking dismissive upon women, or even all Justin Beiber fans. If there was a large number of men doing the same irrational things for a female celebrity (Lindsey Lohan, for example), the reaction would be equally as negative, if not worse. As much as we love to believe it, sexism is not everywhere, and it certainly isn't here.

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