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  • People are blinded by nostalgia

    Many people would consider MMPR to be the best series of the show, but it is plainly not true, the acting was quite poor, the fight scenes were more often than not ridiculous. Whilst I do not think it is the worst Power Rangers series, it had good music and it did help start the show, but I do think it is nowhere near as great as people act like it is.

  • All power ranger episodes are for babies

    Who cares about something that is targeted at 3 year olds? Everyone who views this is simply a loser. Every season is identical trash. I shout at my son whenever he puts it on. Hes 5 and he shouldnt watch such trash. He screams and cries because he doesnt like by shouting but tough luck he should watch programs targeted at older ages or he will never get out of diapers.

    Posted by: sssb
  • Its not sabans fault

    Its because of the disneyxd generation and nick generation besides look back on where it started Sentai when saban first brought power rangers out it was very good and yes it ha gone downhill because they have kidified a bit but its still going on for 25 years now so obviously if its still appealed to all ages for real its really not theyre fault that people think its overrated its the channels that saban has joined with like nick

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