Migrant violence in Germany: Are reports of Muslim violence in Germany inflated?

  • Yes, they are.

    There has been some violence by Muslims in Germany, but for the most part Muslims are a peaceful people who are just trying to get one with there daily lives. Not only that, but there has been more violence against Muslims than there has been violence caused by Muslims, who are mostly peaceful.

  • Yes, these incidents are overplayed in the media.

    Yes, the reports of Muslim violence in Germany seem to be inflated. Although there has been some violence, it has been perpetrated by only a tiny percentage of the Muslim immigrants in the country. The media are overplaying these incidents, and right-wing political parties are using them in order to further their own anti-immigrant agenda.

  • No, these reports are not inflated.

    Unfortunately, reports of migrant violence in Germany are not inflated. The German government extended a hand of compassion to hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern migrants, fleeing the violence in Syria and Iraq. Unfortunately, some bad apples had made their way into the migrants that moved to Germany. Therefore, reports of violence by Muslims in Germany is accurate, not inflated.

  • I believe it.

    I think that the reports of migrant violence in Germany are accurate, although they are certainly scary. In many parts of Europe, there is the dangerous combination of too man migrants who are not vetted. Once they arrive, they are poverty-stricken, which often leads to crime and violence. There needs to be more oversight.

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