Migration crisis can destroy Europe: Should Europe stop taking in refugees from Syria and Iraq?

  • Europe Should Stop

    Europe should stop taking refugees in, but also, I think that the EU should help rebuild the infrastructure of the places that they had to leave. When the immigrants get to Europe, they won't have any money which will naturally put a strain on whatever economy that they enter, but instead, if this money was used on temporary housing and rebuilding, things can get back to normal a lot quicker.

  • We Are All Huimans

    Europe should not stop taking in refugees. These people are leaving because they have no other safe choice. Any of us could be in the same situation. We need to support and help each other, regardless of the color of our skin or our religious beliefs. There are plenty of areas of Europe with room for more refugees.

  • No, immigrants make a country strong.

    Europe should not stop taking in refugees from Syria and Iraq. A nation must respond to a crisis in another nation with generosity and humanitarianism. Moreover, immigrants make a country strong. Europe's birthrates are precipitously low, creating an unsustainable society for the future. Immigrants provide a much-needed influx of young, hard-working people who will embrace European values as they contribute their own ideas and culture. Europe must not led xenophobia be its own undoing.

  • They Need Our Help

    There's a reason why they're coming here, and it's because they need our help. The only reason the migration 'crisis' is threatening to destroy Europe is because not everyone is on board. There's plenty of room in plenty of countries for them, just give them time and spaces to live. They're fleeing a war zone - it's immoral to turn them away.

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