Mike Lindell and addition: Should successful recovery addicts be more public about their recovery?

  • Maybe they should be more public, and maybe they shouldn't be.

    Recovery from any kind of issue is a sensitive matter, whether it’s drug addiction, thievery, pathological lying, cheating, perverse lifestyles or whatever. It’s nice to be able to tell recovery stories, but the public is unpredictable and sometimes cruel. What happens if a person proclaims recovery, but no one believes that person has changed? What happens if the public decides to ridicule the person for the past instead of celebrating the present? Not every recovery story is the happy one that people want to see. Each person has to examine the variables first.

  • They should be open

    Addicts should be open about their recovery. It would serve as an educational experience for people who might be alcoholics or drug addicts. People might also see these recovered addicts as inspiration to help them recover themselves. This could help people with their own problems and in turn help the community.

  • They should be held accountable.

    The more public that addicts are about their recovery, the more accountable they are. If they know that others know what they are going through, they will be less likely to relapse. They will know they will suffer shame if they drink again. Public accountability can also inspire others to try to become sober.

  • Recovering addicts need not go public

    Addiction is a difficult disease to combat. Each person's addiction is similar to that of other addicts in some ways, but very unique to each person. The recovery efforts that work for some do not work for everyone. Many people remain clean for years or decades, only to fall victim to their addiction again. Public figures should focus more on their own recovery than being an example to others.

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