Mike Pence fighting to keep emails from becoming public: Should his communications be released?

  • Yes, every politician's correspondence should be transparent

    Yes, every politician's correspondence should be transparent. Especially when it comes to powerful figure-heads such as vice president of USA. Just look at WikiLeaks did to Hillary - it exposed an abundance of corruption and backroom deals that public must be aware of. After all, if NSA and CIA can read our emails, why shouldn't we know about politicians emails?

  • It is public office.

    Pence was the governor of Indiana. He was a public officer. For that reason, he should answer to the public for his emails. What he did was in service to the public. People who work for the government should have complete accountability for their actions. It makes you wonder what he has to hide.

  • Release the emails! Right, Pence?

    It's almost too ironic that so soon after the election in which the Republicans were all over Hillary Clinton about her emails, Pence is fighting to keep his own correspondence private. If the GOP base needed another reason to feel like they are getting duped by the new Trump administration, here it is.

  • "It's not fair!"- Liberal, 2016

    Liberals always complain about how life isn't fair and always promote "fairness". He shouldn't have to if Hillary didn't have to. After all, it's about equality, right? , , , , , , , , , , , ,, , ,, , , , , , , , , ,

  • No, i disagree.

    I believe that Mike Pence's communications should not be released. Mike Pence should continue to keep his emails from becoming public. This is so because emails ought to be private in nature. His communications should therefore be private. He has the right to hide them from the public. No one would want to publicize their emails.

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