• Mike Pence is racist

    Mike Pence, the vice president-elect is a racist individual. He is an acolyte of Trump, who has espoused racist ideology as well - and is endorsed by the KKK and the alt-right white supremacist movement. Because Mike Pence is part of Trump's camp, he is committed to those same racist ideas.

  • Yes, i think so.

    he may want to familiarize himself with the sheriff’s department in McIntosh County, Georgia. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the department just fired one deputy for using racist epithets on social media; another deputy resigned after being implicated in the same scandal. And there’s evidence they did more than joke around

  • He could be, otherwise why is he hiding his emails.

    It's not only Mike Pence, a significant portion of the US is racist and this was proven in this election. I actually think that the election of Trump and Pence and their subsequent actions, such as hiding emails, is a good thing because it shows the world that racism is alive and well. Now, people can truly fight for equality.

  • He is being picked on.

    Since the liberals did not win the election, they are going to engage in a smear campaign for the next four years. They will call Pence many terrible things. They have already taken his comments to Focus on the Family completely out of context. Just because he is pro family doesn't mean he hates anyone. Nor is he a racist.

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