Mike Pence: Is he right when he doesn't care about Trump's conflict of interest?

  • Trump is a businessman first

    Everybody in America knows that Donald Trump is first and foremost a businessman. There's no reason to believe that his empire will be an issue, and Pence is right not to worry. The rabid left is going to rake Trump over the coals for anything that even resembles impropriety, so Trump should be on his best behavior when he's in office.

  • Yes, he is right

    A conflict of interests should not be a deal-breaker for politics. Pence and Trump should be able to accept the views of one another and come to a compromise on the issues. Many people have different ideas on things, but that should not necessarily be a cause for infighting or difficulties.

  • Everyone should care about Trump's conflict of interest

    President-Elect Trump has many, many financial conflicts of interest that, for some reason, have never been investigated by anyone in the media until now. This should be of major concern to every American citizen, including Mike Pence. I could speculate as to why Pence doesn't have any interest in whether the man who stands between him and the White House has any conflicts of interest in his position as president, but I'm not going to. If Pence were a civic-minded individual, however, he should be highly concerned. Trump should not be allowed to conduct his own business out of the Oval Office, period.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    In the last week, we have found ourselves asking questions about Trump that we should never, ever, have to ask about an incoming president. When we have to wonder whether a president will put his own business interests ahead of his oath of office, we damned well should care–contrary to what Pence says.

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