Military action against nuclear Iran: Is Iran in violation of international law proving a pretext?

  • Yes, Iran needs to be tamed.

    Yes, Iran is in violation of international proving a pretext. Iran knows what is required of its nation. Iran knows that it cannot develop nuclear weapons. But yet, like a child, Iran wants to test its limits. It is important that the international community show Iran exactly where it stands and that laws will be enforced.

  • Iran has the right.

    Just like every other country Iran has the right to expand their nuclear activities in peaceful direction. Taking military action not only does not direct the program to US desired path, but also it would provoke the current crisis in middle east.
    The idea of military action against Iran stems from erroneous assumptions and beliefs among some Republicans in US about Iran and its political structure and potentials

  • Iran has the right.

    If you think of it logically, quite a lot of countries have nuclear power, for example America. The existence of this power is not bad! Its how the power is used, in this case; Americas use of nuclear bomb on Japan WW2 (I think, or was is WW1?) If the right should be taken of Iran to use it, it should happen to all other countries with nuclear power.

  • Iran has the right to nuclear power.

    Much debate is held over how to answer a nuclear armed Iran, but the
    real question is to ask is whether Iran is even working towards a weapon
    in the first place. There is far more rhetoric than evidence for a weapons program in the middle eastern nation. Iran has the right to nuclear power as a signatory of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

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