Military draft: Is a military draft generally a good thing to have in place at all times?

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  • The Draft Should Be Abolished

    The military draft is an antiquated, sexist practice that should have been abolished long ago. The choice whether or not to serve in the military is a personal one, regardless of whether the person is male or female, and the government has no right to force service from young men on the basis of gender.

  • What if you disagree?

    I'm sure there are plenty of people who wouldn't want to join just because they are scared, which in itself is it's own argument. But my main reasoning is what if you don't believe in the cause, that is just complete blasphemy in the United States which is supposed to be all about making your own choices. Technically I agree even if you are just scared you shouldn't be forced to join especially with the technology that we have in place today.

  • It's Forced Servitude

    The idea that the nation that champions itself on freedom and liberty needs to conscript soldiers into it's service is utterly hypercritical. The United States Armed services should be staffed by those willing to serve, as opposed to those who are forced to. If the situation arose where the United States need it's citizens to come to it's defense, they need to do it willingly. It is an insult to everything the United States claims to stand for.

  • No Representation Without Military Service

    . A military draft for men only, inclusive of one that calls for combat
    duty for men only, results in an extremely unjust result. Those
    individuals, mostly women, who are unwilling and/or unable to serve in
    the military, especially the combat arms, have the political electoral
    power to determine when a nation and under what circumstances a
    nation is to go to war, how the war is to be fought, and how the
    returning veteran is to be treated. We saw the unjust and
    disastrous result of the aforementioned in the tragedy of the War in
    Vietnam and with regard to the extremely oppressive and discriminatory
    manner in which returning Vietnam Veterans were and are treated.
    Further, this electoral majority, has the electoral political power to
    grant itself political PRIVILEGE in employment, education, the law,
    and otherwise. The same occurred subsequent to the War in Vietnam. Of
    course, the aforementioned results in this electoral majority taking a
    very personally denigrating, oppressive, and discriminatory attitude
    towards veterans, men in general, and, most especially, those men who
    demonstrate any personal character, ethics, and/or self respect.
    In effect, giving electoral representation to those who are unwilling
    and or unable to defend a nation, especially the combat arms, as per
    the aforementioned, results in that DEMOCRATIC TYRANNY OF THE
    MAJORITY mentioned by Aristotle in his book, "Politics", which he
    stated was one of the worst forms of government because it did not
    promulgate those republicans norms and guarantees requisite for
    individual justice and the promulgation of that "social contract"
    which was requisite for good government and a stable, productive, and
    successful state.

  • Its meant for emergency's

    The Draft is meant to be used during times of war, to ensure a country has enough troops, to defend the country, if the draft is implemented in generally means your country is expecting a long war and heavy casualties or even the threat of invasion. Its not practical to have it implemented all the time as it allows for the forced enlistment of those physically/mentally able to fight for the country, so you can imagine the immense cost of training thousands perhaps tens or even hundreds of thousands of troops, then there wages once they have finished training.

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