Military draft: Should a government have the right to draft its citizens into military service?

  • The government is in charge.

    We only have as much freedom as the government allows us to have. The United States is currently free because of our military. Unfortunately the government can change that at any time they please. The ignoring of the Constitution in recent years has proven that the government can do whatever they want. If the government wants to draft their citizens into the military, they have that right whether the people like it or not.

  • We need to be prepared

    If the us doesn't draft then we could get a weaker military.Having a weaker military makes us vulnerable to attack by countries with a large military force. Now, if we do draft then our military will stay strong and we will be less vulnerable to attacks. We would also be prepared for a large scale war

  • Millitary drafts should be used

    I think that drafting should be aloud because if america is being attacked and no men are volunteering then everyone is going to die instead of just a few people dying because they were drafted and also the more people in the army fighing means the less chance of us loosing

  • Yes, Because the U.S. will have protection

    In wars soldiers will get injured and many others will die. In the United States, they people in charge can easily replace them. During times of peace, people can go about without having to worry much about ISIS invading the United States, because we will have more U.S troops here in America.

    Posted by: LEm
  • Drafting should not be allowed.

    Drafting is a bad process that takes away the freedom that we have as Americans. Plus, when soldiers are voluntarily working, they do a far better job than the ones that have been drafted and did not want to be there in the first place. . . . . .

  • Quality of Soldier

    If the military was conscripted the soldiers who didn't want to be there wouldn't put forth the effort to get the job done. The US Military must remain an all voluntary military so we, as a country, can keep getting done what needs to be done. Was Osama Bin Laden killed by drafties? No he was killed by the men that wanted to fight for this great country. To fight against what he did to the US.

  • No, Bad Company

    Think of all the young people that could be recruited. If we manditorily draft people, who knows who could be brought among the helpless. Druggies, Gangs, people just waiting to cause trouble. Even if we made a law against it, people would use drugs or commit crimes just to keep out of the military. There's really no way we could stop this. Why not just avoid it?

  • Military Drafts Shouldn't Be Used

    I think in dire circumstances drafting citizens into military service is a bad idea. If people are not willing to joing the military, then they are generally not going to be interested in being forced to join that service. People who do not do it voluntarily are not interested and shouldn't be forced to do something they have no interest in.

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