Military recruiting in public schools: Are young individuals able to judge whether to join?

  • Stop sheltering the future

    Why not join the military (I wouldn't) but it is a good profession in terms of pay, tax free and you have free accommodation, sounds like a bargain to me. Look the world is hard there aren't many options anyway give children as much choice as they can also someone has to join the army other wise who is going to defend your country? Bankers I'd love to see that

  • Young Adults Make Good Choices

    Young adults should be able to process information and make choices about their future, and whether to join the military is no different. We see know problem with allowing them to choose college or vocational school or learning a trade or joining a union at that age. Whether to join the military should be no exception.

  • No. Teens are too young to make a military decision.

    A teenager has many dreams and does not know how to make them into a reality. They can be conned by people who do not have their best interests at heart. That is why military ads on tv are now targeting parents and asking them to recommend the armed forces to their children. Military recruiting should be banned in schools.

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