Military recruiting in public schools: Do recruiters target disadvantaged students?

  • Recruiters target disadvantaged students a lot.

    Military recruiters often target disadvantaged students because it is easier to get them to enlist. Disadvantaged students don't have as many options to pay for college or gain skills, and the often have less options when it comes to jobs. Enlistment bonuses and money for college is very appealing to students that don't have many options. Disadvantaged students are easier to talk into enlisting because of this.

  • Low income students are unfairly targeted by recruiters.

    Low income students that have little or no access to jobs within the community they live, or students that may have had problems that prevent them from gaining employment are targeted by recruiters. Recruiters offer promises of a better life that people with few options are easily talked into. Students do not have the resources and details that recruiters do.

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