Military recruiting in public schools: Does recruitment in schools invade student privacy?

  • Keep it out of schools

    I was a middle class kid who went to a working class school and these vultures were around all the time. You won't see these military recruiters uptown where the rich kids go to school, because they've got options and opportunities waiting for them. A lot of these poor kids don't have a chance, and that's when the military swoops in. I wouldn't let them step a foot onto campus. If you want to join the military, don't let some scumbag talk you into it. Do it of your own volition.

  • Military Recruiting at Schools Does Not Violate Student Privacy at All!

    Military recruitment within the public schools in no way whatsoever invades student privacy. The Military representatives at the schools are not delving into any information about a student, his or her family, or any other details that are not offered by a student who shows an interest in joining the military. Just being visible at the schools does not constitute any violation of student privacy.

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