Military recruiting in public schools: Does school recruitment violate international law?

  • Military recruitment in schools is unnecessary influence.

    Joining the Military should be an informed, personal choice. Putting recruitment officers in public schools is a direct influence on the mindset of students. The military is an intimidating venture, and having such an intimidating influence at one's school starts to feel like obligation. I believe that, instead, only people ages 18 and up should be subjected in any way to military recruitment campaigns.

  • It is not unfair It needs to be done

    To many boys don't know how to be recruited they need help to enlist in the service they are some who are to dumb to realize how to enlist
    Some ate problem childern who need help. If they are problem childern they need good strict displine to put them on thep straight and narow

  • No, it is patriotic.

    No, military recruiting in public schools does not violate international law, because it should be up to the United States whether to recruit for its military in its own public schools. Other institutions and colleges are allowed to come to campus and recruit, so it is only fair that students can learn about educational opportunities in the military as well.

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