Military recruiting in public schools: Is military recruiting important to national security?

  • Yes, our country deserves the best.

    Yes, military recruiting is important to national security, because it is only fair that the government be able to go into its own government-run schools in order to recruit candidates. Students should be able to gather information about their options in order to make good choices about their futures after graduation.

  • We must maintain our military.

    Military recruiting is important to national security. It is important for us to maintain a large enough military with quality people who want to be there. If we are unable to do so we will have to force citizens to join when they do not want to be there. Recruiting the way we currently do, is a very effective program.

  • No to propaganda!

    Children should not be brainwashed by the military, don't teach them that soldiers are "perfect supermen" because that isn't true, the military is Important, but don't act as if we should be recruiting children, thats called child soldiers, and its a war crime, and I say no to war crimes!

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