Military Recruits Raped in Australia: Does the army look the other way?

  • Yes, the army looked the other way if the perpetrators of this crime were not punished severely

    Yes, the army looked the other way if the perpetrators of this crime were not punished severely. This is something that should not have happened. The army should do everything that it can to bring the criminals to justice even if they are part of the army. If they do not, the army looked the other way.

  • The army does look the other way regarding rape cases.

    In this case, it was reported that 111 victims reported sexual abuse while in the Australian defense force. When the number of victims is that high, it is likely that this was a major problem. As victims reported it as the abuse happened and no action was taken, it is clear the army chose not to address it in order to cover it up.

  • Yes, the army does look the other way sometimes.

    Military recruits should be treated with respect and shown appreciation for their service. When service members are sexually assaulted, the army must not look the other way. All allegations of sexual misconduct should be investigated. If the allegations are proven to be true, the perpetrator should be punished for his crime. In short, many times the army has looked the other way when recruits become victims of sexual assaults.

  • No, to the australian establishment, the real tragedy is that it was discovered.

    Society is becoming sicker and sicker by the day. Any past progress that we managed to achieve as a human species is becoming null and void. We now at a stage that we are digressing to a point where a mere virus is more worthy of existence. The facts and complains were hidden from the public and the victims HAD to live with their sorrow alone. Besides, those kids that were abused would never have a chance to have their own NORMAl families. It's the medical fact.

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