Military Tests Autonomous Drones in California: Are the New Surveillance Drones a Threat to Privacy?

  • Yes they are a threat to privacy

    Lots of modern tech is a threat to privacy. The challenge is that there are other growing threats to the U.S. such as terrorism that mean they have to react with more and more advanced technology. These drones are just part of that process. It is a threat to privacy, but as they always say; if you have nothing to hide why should you be bothered?

  • Yes, the new drones are a threat to privacy

    Autonomous drones should not be allowed to fly or perform surveillance in inhabited areas. Drones that are not being controlled and monitored by humans cannot be trusted not to invade privacy or perform their jobs safely and accurately. These new drones will be a threat to public safety and privacy.

  • Yes, the new surveillance drones are a threat to privacy.

    Yes, the new surveillance drones are a threat to privacy. These drones make the authorities able to view people from above, and are in invasion to privacy. They should not be allowed to exist, or should be heavily regulated to ensure that the people's right to privacy is not infringed upon.

  • Yes, Autonomous drones are a threat to privacy

    Unfortunately, I believe that it is a necessary evil. Because there are people in this world who are willing to open fire in public places, we need eyes everywhere we can get them until we are able to ensure the safety of citizens in this country. So, privacy has to be sacrificed.

  • Why We need drones

    We drones Because they can help teach students about flight and can teach them about weather and how the world looks.This can also teach them about air pollution.It can also spark ideas in children and may find a way to explore areas we have not been before thus the world needs drones.

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