• I think milk chocolate because it has a better flavor and I think more people would enjoy milk over dark.

    I think that milk cholate is better because it has a better flavor. Dark chcoloate has a bitter flavor and not very many people like that bitter flavor and choose to go for more sweet to enjoy. Most of the people on the earth like a sweet flavor over a bitter flavor and would enjoy milk cholate a lot. Now there are people who actually enjoy the bitter flavor because they can't really taste it so dark cholate would be better for them.

  • Dark Chocolate Is Better

    Did you know dark chocolate has many health benefits? Science research shows that dark chocolate could help lower the risk of heart disease and improve brain function. Surprisingly, Eating dark chocolate helps fight bacteria in in your mouth and helps with bad breath. Milk chocolate has little nutritional value, It has more sugar resulting in more cavities, And it is generally unhealthy for you. Milk chocolate may have a sweeter and flavorful taste but it has no health benefits. In conclusion, Dark chocolate is better because it is healthier.

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Angiex0 says2021-05-13T19:03:34.873
What is yes and what is no?

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