Milk production quotas in the EU: Are the EU's milk production quotas justified (yes) or should they be scrapped (no)?

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  • No, the market should control.

    No, there should not be milk production quotas in the EU, because the EU bosses will never decide efficiently how much milk should be produced. There will either be too much, and some will be wasted, or there won't be enough produced, and the poor will suffer. It is better if those who want to produce milk be allowed to as much as they think they can sell.

  • Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

    The EU needs to focus on quality food, not quantity of food. It is overstated that milk is a necessary food for humans--we are the only mammal that drinks milk past age 2 and the only mammals that drink the milk of another species on a regular basis. It's not a lack of cow's milk that is detrimental to human health--it's a lack of calcium. Focus on vegetarian diets, not milk production, to help the EU's burgeoning population get the nutrition people need.

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