Millenials and marriage: Is the traditional family going out of style?

  • Seeing as it is a false tradition, yes.

    The western "traditional" family has only been a tradition for about 100 years in America.

    The right wing coined the term following the last election. They do not have claim on marriage, nor do they define what a natural relationship is.

    Everything we do in the modern world is less "natural" than what our ancestors did. Yet our ancient ancestors had no issue with a non-"traditiona" family structure. Because those traditions didn't exist.

  • Resistance Towards Societies Urge For a 'Traditional' Family is a Good Change.

    I think that definately the so called 'traditional' family is becoming old and uncoventional. I think the world is moving into a more accepting future and is changing societys constricting views with it. Proof that 'traditionalised families' going out of fashion is a good thing is through how much better women are being treated then 50 years ago when we were considered to be house slaves and prime child carers, the 'modern' view on women in the family now is changing to perhaps the woman in the family having freedom and choice, equality. 'Tradition' did not only suffocate women but also gay couples who were told that it was wrong to have a family in any other form than traditional, single parents were also at a dead end with the 'traditional is best' look at the family structure. To summarise 'traditional' doesnt have to be bad necessarily but if the meaning closes doors for other family structures to nurture and care then 'traditional' is a suffocating drag on the worlds endless pull for an accepting and equal society.

  • Socail Acceptance VS Impulsion

    The traditional family is falling out the window, but that's not really the problem. Now we have open, friendly, and engaging non traditional families. I think it's better to have a free and loving family oppose to a traditional marriage where most feelings, emotions, thoughts, and sense of self are lost. I wouldn't my kids to grow up that way. The only problem is when people support either side "because I can".

  • Yes, it is and should.

    What some people consider to be the traditional family is just wrong and incorrect. The traditional family that some people seem to hold so dear, is only allowing men and women to marry, when it should be anyone who loves each other as long as they are consenting adults to get married.

  • Yes, I think that the traditional family is going out of style.

    I think that there are 2 overwhelming pieces of evidence for this - the LGBT movement and the number of fatherless or single-parent homes in America (I'll just stick to the US for this argument).
    For the LGBT movement, we must answer the question: Do same-sex couples uphold traditional family values? I say no because marriage between a man and woman is a pillar of human society that has been for the most part upheld since the beginning of human civilization (and when it hasn't, the results haven't been pretty). Now, I am not claiming that the majority of Americans are gay, because they are not (that number is somewhere around 5-10%). However, the massive swing in support for same-sex marriage and the anger towards those who don't support it proves that traditional family values in America are going out of style.
    For single-parent homes, nearly 20 million children are being raised by a single parent. That is nearly double the number in 1960, according to the 2010 census. Marriage rates have been declining steadily over the past decade or so, to an all-time low today. This proves that Americans are increasingly ignoring traditional family values.

  • Marriage will always exist because of selfless people want to make a life long commitment to their Best Friend

    As long as the world has existed, And as long as the world will exist, There will be marriage. God performed the first wedding ceremony in the Garden of Eden and every generation on every continent has participated in this wonderful monogamous lifelong commitment to their best friend we call marriage. No professor or judge will ever stop what God started!

  • I don't like defining familial structures as "style"

    Traditional modes of marriage are and will still be around in the far future. The only difference is that other unions are beginning to get due recognition. People are too quick to assume that the social rules we fabricate for ourselves are universal law. But there is more than just our individual perspective to be acknowledged. People operate differently than others. It's not a "style" or a "trend". It just is. Either we recognize that or not, and the problems come in when we don't.

  • No, it isn't.

    No marriage should not be going out of style. Marriage is still the way to go. People should think about that and not just live without marriage. Many people think it is not cool anymore but it still is. Many children live at home with their parents longer and that may factor into the equation.

  • No, I don't believe it is.

    As a Millennial myself this is not something that I have witnesses at all. I went to a very liberal college and most students still wanted to get married, mostly to opposite genders, and within about a decade or so after graduation. I think the vast majority of people still hold traditional values and won't buck the norm too much.

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