• Yes, food delicacies are worth the price if demand outweighs supply.

    Everything we purchase has a dollar amount assigned to it based on the simple idea of supply and demand. White truffles and other foods are very rare delicacies and their price should reflect the rarity. Food delicacies are somewhat of a status symbol as well, and people are willing to pay large sums just to say they have consumed these products.

  • No truffle is worth a million-dollars

    Some people can afford this, but for the few moments of pleasure is it worth it? The quality isn't guaranteed and there is no refund if the truffle isn't what you expected. Truffles are a luxury ingredients and they are wonderful in dishes and as truffle oil, but things need to be realistic. With a million-dollars, it can feed the homeless. Luxury food items should still be affordable as food can't last forever, it's eaten and digested, so it's value should be relevant to its purpose.

  • food delicacies worthless

    No I definitely do not think that food delicacies are worth the price. Food is for nourishing your body. It is not to spend a million dollars on something that will taste good for less than a minute if that. How can anybody spend that much money on one bite when one bite could go to a million for that much money.

  • No, I do not think so.

    No, I do not think that food delicacies are worth the price because there are a lot more important things to have us spend our money on then food which has no significant difference in the end. Instead of spending a million dollars on a white truffle how about you donate it to a charity before more people die.

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