Millionaire Dan Blizerian arrested on bomb making charges: Is homemade terrorism a growing threat in the US?

  • Homemade terrorism is a growing threat.

    In the US terrorism is something that everyone has heard of but it's much closer to home than some people realize. People like Dan Blizerian are everywhere and must be stopped before it's too late. Having the kind of wealth he has also makes it easier for these people to source equipment to make bombs.

  • Yes, we should be alert to domestic terrorism.

    Due to increasing exposure of terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda and ISIS in mainstream media, as well increased access to propaganda on the Internet, domestic terrorism is a growing threat that should not be ignored. The recent events involving high school students leaving the country to join forces such as ISIS only serve to reinforce that danger.

  • Yes, homemade terrorism is a growing threat in the US.

    For decades now, the US's primary military and security concerns have all been abroad. This is in part a function of our unique geographic location: we live on a continent that is separated from most of the rest of the world by two enormous oceans. But now with so much economic uncertainty and general social upheaval, domestic threats are unfortunately going to be a larger problem going forward.

  • No, I Don't Think Homemade Terrorism is a Threat.

    I think Dan Blizerian and others like him are not a growing threat. There's always going to be crazy people in the world, it just seems more apparent because of 24 hour news channels and sensationalism by the media in general. This man was probably one of an handful of people that were involved in these types of activities.

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