Millionaire invests in marijuana start-up company: Should marijuana become a mainstream product and be marketed as such?

  • Yes, Marijuana should become mainstream

    Marijuana should become a mainstream product and be marketed as such because there is a market for cannabis. Marijuana or Cannabis should has great benefits for local, state, and eventually the federal governments, because the legalisation of the plant takes a strain off of police departments because they are not placing people in jail, which takes the strain of the state governments. It takes the strain off of the state governments because they are not paying for the inmates that are imprisoned. Therefore the state governments have more money in their budgets and if the states have more money the Federal Government will also have more money because they are not subsidizing the states' incomes. The Federal Government would also have more money because the are not using more resources on law enforcement for the War on Drugs.

  • Yes, marijuana should be integrated into the mainstream economy.

    Casual marijuana use has become so commonplace among many segments of the US population that to retain its illegal status is at this point an impossible argument to make. Just as with any good or product, keeping this one illegal means, among other things, that local, state, and the federal government are losing out on tax revenue. Furthermore, legalizing marijuana and marketing it as a mainstream product means that it can be regulated like any other food or drug product.

  • Marijuana should be accepted by society.

    I believe that marijuana should be legal and should be taxed similarly to tobacco and alcohol. Legalization of marijuana would not only reduce inmate population, but it would also allow scientists to properly study it's effects and it's benefits. Granted, marijuana can cause harm on the body, but it is limited to the body of oneself. So, in essence, I believe that as a free people, we should not be denied our freedom to indulge in substances, and we should not have to suffer consequences for this nonviolent crime, if it even should be called a crime.

  • Why get high

    I understand that some people do need marijuana for health issues, but just like I need to see a doctor to get birth control, those people can continue to go to their doctor to get their marijuana prescription. It should not be made readily available. It is as bad as cigarettes and at least that has an age limit on it.

  • Marijuana should not become a mainstream product

    No, I disagree that marijuana should become a mainstream product and be marketed as such. Though I do believe that marijuana should be legalized as its effects are far less harmful than those of cigarettes, it should not be advertised as a mainstream product. Marketing campaigns should not encourage the public to engage in drug lifestyles of any kind regardless of the drug's potential level of harm.

  • No I don't believe marijuana should be a mainstream product.

    Although I do believe cannabis should be legal and available to anybody over a certain age (depends on the country/state.) I do not think that it should be advertised as a mainstream product, in the same way I do not believe that alcohol or tobacco should be a mainstream product. Alcohol is a dangerous drug that harms many people, and I do not think it should be allowed to be advertised, the same for cannabis, although I do not think it is dangerous to the vast majority of users people should not feel the need to involve themselves in a drug lifestyle.

  • Absolutely not at all.

    Why should we make laws based on what a few tripping stoners think? Soon, we'll have debates on the health effects of other drugs, considering that's exactly what they did here. The pushed their agenda enough so they get people to accept their disgusting and smoke-filled lifestyle. I know one thing, it will NOT be tolerated in public, and I will not respect anyone I see that is stoned.

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