Millions of bees are dead after South Carolina sprays for Zika mosquitoes. Will these efforts due more harm than good?

  • Poisons of death and destruction that these government official's have plagued S.C.

    ALSO "every insect" in the region... Above ground and most possibly underground ...Plants ? The toll has not even begin to be measured ... An immediate survey of wildlife of all types needs to be conducted including long term damage to the environment of these poisons of death and destruction that these government official's have plagued S.C. An experimental area ! May GOD have mercy on S.C. And other place's they have sprayed !

  • Bees Support Ecosystem

    Bees are essential to the ecosystem. They help with all aspects of life along the food chain. We need them more than we think. They pollinate and they allow other animals to have food. They are so important and killing off a few mosquitoes due to zika does not cause as much of an impact as killing bees in the process.

  • Yes, these efforts will do more harm than do.

    Over-zealously spraying for mosquitoes to stop the spread of Zika has unintended consequences for South Carolina: millions of dead bees. Bees are needed in nature to pollinate plants, which grow food for everything in the world. Life on Earth would not exist without bees. Therefore, the efforts to eradicate the Zika virus are actually doing more harm than good.

  • Yes the efforts will cause harm.

    Spraying toxic chemicals to prevent one threat almost always causes more damage and potentially worse effects. Experts don't even really seem to have a solid understanding of Zika yet they're spraying chemicals that are causing harm. The honeybees are an immediate effect that we can see -- and a tragic loss considering how important they are. Who knows what else the spraying will cause?

  • Spraying for Zika mosquitoes seems necessary

    I am someone who doesn't like poison in my yard, my garden, anywhere in my environment. I don't like to spray for bugs or weeds. But the mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus can be very dangerous, and while I hate to see the bees die, perhaps they can re-populate. Trying to re-populate the bees may be easier than dealing with all of the cases of the Zika virus that could occur if we don't do everything we can to prevent it.

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