Mine Ban Treaty (Ottawa Treaty): Do land mines provide little military utility?

  • Land Mines Serve No Purpose

    Land mines serve no useful purpose in military applications. Mines kill people in violent ways. Once one goes off, units must bring in minesweepers detect and deactivate. Eventually, infantry gets through the land mines. A better strategy is to use some kind of munition that is remote-detonated similar to an IED used by the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Yes, I believe that land mines provide little military utility.

    I believe that land mines provide little military utility and are used primarily as a means of terrorizing the citizenry as opposed to a singular and specific military motive of assault or containment. The practice of planting land mine was introduced long before we had the means to electronically monitor areas that we wanted to remain secure and should be outlawed.

  • Land mines are among the most effective anti-personnel weapons ever developed

    Wars are won by making it impossible for the enemy to continue to fight.Among the many ways to accomplish this laudable goal is,{1} to kill or maim the enemy in such numbers that they can no longer maintain combat effectiveness,{2}the predictable-and-desirable effect of which is to further demoralise and terrorise the enemy into surrender. Landmines accomplish these laudable goals cheaply and without exposing our troops to the dangers and expense of direst combat.

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