Mine Ban Treaty (Ottawa Treaty): Is an international ban on landmines enforceable?

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  • International Ban on Landmines Not Enforceable

    No, an international ban on landmines is not enforceable due to the fact that landmines are so compact and easily hidden. If a landmine is known to have exploded, then yes, a fine could be levied against that nation, but until such happens, the nation may have thousands of unexploded landmines.

  • There is No Way to Check the World for Landmines

    While the Ottawa Treaty was a good thought, it is simply not possible to check everywhere in the world for landmines in order to enforce a worldwide ban. The good news is that landmines are older technology and unlikely to be brought back into common war practice, but the bad news is that there are many forgotten landmines still in the ground from when they were standard practice, and they can be difficult to find and diffuse.

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