Minecraft Hunger Games or Fortnite Battle Royale

Asked by: Kahow95oof
  • I think that Minecraft is a better game because the game is more classic and easier to play.

    Minecraft is a known game around the world and Minecraft has come out with a new update that will come out for all plat forms soon which I think personally that it will attract more players to the platform I just think that Mojang should keep adding updates like this one to keep their game thriving and not forgotten.

  • Minecraft is better because of. . .

    1. Minecraft has been big and is returning to its crown.
    2. Fortnite is a copy paste of PubG with new a few new things a story which no one likes and different gravity.
    3. Minecraft was big during the start and end of fortnite
    4. Fortnite was only good when people felt like seeing something new and minecraft youtubers were on like episode 71 or something so people wanted to see some battle royal action and fortnite was good for less than 2 years.
    5. Minecraft was so good MICROSOFT bought it the richest company wanted minecraft and they bought is I don't see that with fortnite!

  • Minecraft is better.

    It’s better because it was the first battle Royale. No one is a try hard. There’s no guns, And in Fortnite people just spray and pray. Minecraft is also so nostalgic. It’s also a timeless classic. When you play Minecraft you don’t get mad when you die, Unless you have a diamond sword and full diamond armor or your stuff falls in lava

  • Minecraft is better

    It was the first battle royale and rocks in general
    Minecraft is a more varied game and it has more things then it than just royale, You have skywars royale, You have hungergames and you have bedwars. What is there not to like? You should play more minecraftif you think fortnite is better.

  • Minecraft Hunger Games is the OG Battle Royale

    What came first Minecraft Hunger Games or Fortnite. Minecraft Hunger Games obviously. Plus Minecraft is better in general I mean just think about it. Minecraft is more realistic anyway. Plus Minecraft is the original plus in Minecraft you have different game modes where you can play them without just 4 people

  • MinceRaft; State of the union address

    This game clearly superior, all other are of the superfluous. Who can fight what is becoming of real truth? Can truly believe words that are in speaking when of talk of the online video gamular that is frotnine. Perhaps one day the others who do not see may see this.

  • Minecraft Hunger games good

    The hunger games is gooder becuz minecraf has bettr skin than fartnut and it is big cool jajajajajajajaja. I like to kil the steve becuz they noob and i good. Also hunger game was fisrt so it was the muc more gooder game. The hunger game is best game pls agree cuz it is coolest

  • My son is big into mincraft

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  • OG Battle Royale Game

    I don't know how to explain this but Minecraft Hunger Games is the best and the original Battle Royale style game. So yeah in my opinion Minecraft is better than Fortnite even though Minecraft will be 10 years old next year on May 17th, 2019. . . . . .

  • Everyone else is a dumbass

    DO NOT TRUST THE MINECRAFT POST BECAUSE THEY don't KNOW HOW TO PROFESSIONAL REVIEW A GAME AND JUST HATE FORTNITE FOR NO REASON AT ALL. In Minecraft you spamclick and place only square blocks and pour lava by spam clicking and also the lag quite bad making arrow shooting hard even when you are on good WiFi. In fortnite, It may look like your spamming you are putting intricate patterns of building and editing builds, The controls are smooth and if you have good WiFi, There is no lag at all. There are plenty of weapons, Vehicles, And many more features that Minecraft can only dream of having. There are also plenty of different game modes in fortnite while Minecraft only has a few. You can also play with a larger party of about 100 players (or bots) that make the game more intense while Minecraft only has a fraction of the players. And sure, Minecraft may have different maps but they are very tiny or follow a same format. Skins are also a controversial topic as Fortnite has many cosmetics you may have to pay for but Minecraft has many pay to play skins, Worlds, And mods which sucks even more than fortnite so that is a stupid topic. Mine coins are impossible to get without paying and v bucks can be obtained by buying and playing save the world (it may be expensive but is usually on sale on times like Christmas and New Years). Fortnite is constantly updated keeping the game fresh and new. Minecraft barely has any update let alone the combat part. Though I do love both games and wish the communities can join together and be friends like doom eternal and animal crossing, I just have to put Minecraft lower. Sorry crappy Minecraft community, You lost this round so you can suck my P90 SMG. (Fun fact: fortnite had a collab with Minecraft in China so both communities should stop fighting)

  • Minecraft actually takes skill to play.

    I don't even know how it takes skill to play fortnite. You loot with no danger, And when you're shot at, You just jump around like idiots. And when you fight back, You pretty much just kill easily, With just random shots. Minecraft is physically demanding, And requires quick clicking, Good ears, And actual strategy and safety is a rarity.

  • I am 11 years old and I have played Minecraft for 5 years and fortnite for 3 months Because I hate fortnite

    I am 11 years old and I have played Minecraft for 5 years and fortnite for 3 months Because I hate Fortnite. I know it sounds like that I would like Minecraft more than Fornite because I have played Minecraft for a lot longer than I have fortnite. But whoever thinks that is wrong because I have heard a lot about Fortnite like you do not knock how much I have heard about it but. Minecraft has over 75 million people who play Minecraft and Fortnite has 20 million people who play it plus Minecraft has been out for 10 years and Fortnite came out like 1 year ago. Also Minecraft just came out with there biggest update ever! It is called the Under water update Minecraft know has seeable fish more clear and realistic waters and lakes and there is Corel and seaweed and SO SO SO SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT ALSO!! Minecraft is the #1 Adventure game in the world!!!! And yes Fortnite is the #1 KILLING GAME and most intense game in the world people pretend to murder and kill after they play Fortnite for just 1 week but I do not Minecraft is fun and amazing and sometimes challenging and I could say a lot more but I am done for now.

  • Itz just more high quality,

    BECAUSE fortnite has more skins and the battle pass that give you rewards for completing certain challenges. I say this because epic games also keeps their game balanced with no overpowered gun. Lil pump esketit I am lil tay. I broke haters I am balling in beverly hills dabbing on dem haters

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