• Pokemon is charming, But not really much more than that.

    Minecraft can be anything. You can just mess around with your friends in creative, Or create a narrative in a serious survival world. You build maps for other players to play, Or play said maps. With infinite potential, You can make practically anything (not even an exaggeration, Super computers have been created in Minecraft). Pokemon is a lackluster RPG with cute and awesome looking monsters. It works better as an anime, Frankly.

  • MInecraft is fun

    Although it is solely based on opinion, Overall Minecraft is a better game. If you just see how many people play Minecraft as opposed to Pokemon you can clearly see there are more minecraft players. Plus, The only reason pokemon is popular is because of the show. Minecraft relies on how fun it is to keep people playing,

  • Definitely Minecraft is better

    Yeh, Minecraft is better. Pokemon really just walking around and collect Pokémon, But in Minecraft you have that choice of freedom and walking around and do what you want in this Minecraft world. Although Pokémon has a lot of people who download, This does not mean that it is better than Minecraft. Minecraft can take it as a piece of cake to beat Pokemon.

  • Minecraft is better

    Minecraft has one of the most played video game in the world and was listed one of the top best video game. I don't really much like pokemon, In Minecraft you get freedom like you get to explore, Build and your own choice unlike Pokemon you must play an individual game.

  • My kids wanted me to post this

    I have 2 kids they both like playing pokemon and they say it is much better than minceraft, They say pokemon has more fun fire types and that they hate creepers. So in their opinion (please no hate for them) they think pokemon is better and they love playing both games on their nintendo switch lites.

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