• I am a YouTuber and i play minecraft

    I am i minecraft youtuber and i upload minecraft all the time and get lots of love. Also i love the game as its selfe. The game has old graphics but good FPS. I love minecraft and that is that. G G G G G G G G

    YouTube Link:https://www.Youtube.Com/channel/UC88JHyFZLxGTMw_vIZthr1g

    Posted by: M.S
  • Not The Best, Simpily Amazing.

    Very surprised on these childish arguments. (Some of the "no" people have no idea what they're talking about) Minecraft isn't really a game. It's more of a tool. You can do anything with it and change the gameplay to your liking. Without any modifications, Minecraft is a game about creativity, survival, and building whatever you want to build. You can do that solo or with friends (multiplayer is more fun in my opinion) and really have a great time. With modifications (or mods) you can really change it into whatever you want it to be. Minecraft is pretty much of Play-Doh. You can shape it into whatever you like. If you want Minecraft to be a FPS then use Flans mod which adds guns, planes, and tanks. Or, maybe modpacks like CrazyCraft which adds tons of mods for your game such as Orespawn. (Orespawn is a huge mod that adds tons of armor, weapons, mobs, and bosses) It's not the best game, as there is no "best" game, but it is for me.

  • Minecraft is objectively the "best" game because of open gameplay.

    Want to be a farmer, grow crops and raise livestock? No problem. Go fishing and live in a hut? Go ahead. Be a warrior, slaying the undead with your blessed sword of smiting from horseback? Have at it. The world is nearly endless (through procedural generation), the biomes are diverse, the topography and geography are endlessly interesting. You can build, explore, exploit, fight, mine, grow, and live as you see fit. It is constantly updated, essentially limitless in customization options, and enjoyable to play. Being able to do whatever you feel like doing in a world with your friends is incredibly enjoyable and replayable.

  • Mincraft is boss

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  • I play minecraft

    I really like playing minecraft with my brother whenever we are bored.I also have the pocket edition I like the hunger games and other minigames I also like to watch youtubers play minecraft Gamapo you don't know about anything minecraft in my words I think minecraft is a good game.

  • Kill the cubes!!

    Minecraft is a game that is dumb, smelly, boring and has no friends. Video Games should have friends, because if they did, MInecraft wouldn't have any. BWHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA *cough HA HA *cough HA HA *heart attack HA HA *dies
    I'm dead now. Woo Hoo!

  • It's bootleg LEGOs.

    My 7 year old nephew plays minecract and while it amazes me the game has any semblance of a following, it's more so impressive that they've yet to see a court ordered cease and desist letter from LEGOs attorneys. Literally, all I see is a computerized version of bootleg Legos.

    Posted by: U.n
  • Flex flex flex

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  • IT is not the best

    There are a lot more games that are interesting because people have different intrested because people might like other games.


  • Never ever ever!

    Never is this the best game around! My favorite game, Animal Jam, is the best game ever. Never is this game the best! Minecraft is the worst game around, (Though I never played it). You should understand that this is not always the best game around. Other games are cool.

  • Minecraft is a great game

    Yes, Minecraft is a great game. But not the best. We do not say "this is the best game ever" its an opinion. We cant determine what game is the best beacuse all games are not the same. There are types of games and some can be different fom others. We cant but them at two sides and determine whats right. Minecraft isnt the best game, no game is the best game, everyone has their own best game. And only another game can change that,
    There is no offical "best game ever inthe history of games" award

  • What makes this game so good?

    So, to start off, its $27 US dollars. 27!! For a game that's 7 years old at this point! And you can bet that in a few short years, it'll be around $30. When I bought it back in 2013, it was $24. And three years later, it's gone up $3, so not even by 2020 will it be $30 at this rate. Also, people have wasted literal YEARS of their life playing Minecraft. Years!! On top of all this, 9/10 people I've met who play this get unhealthily addicted to this game. Someone got suspended for it and didn't care! Now, I'm not saying that if you get it and like it, that's a bad thing. Just don't be dumb and play it in moderation. But the best game? Not by a long shot.

  • No it is not and here is why.

    For the common 11 year old niglet reading this right now I am sorry that your mom wont let you play any better games but as it stands while yes it is a very popular game the ideal that minecraft is ranked atop of some of the greatest games of all time is ridiculous. Also you're a fag if you say yes.

  • Not even close

    I have played minecraft for extended periods of time. In all, it is a very good game! However, there are reasons i hate it, and reasons that it is not the best game!
    (1) i hate minecraft because of the fanatics! I mean, i know people that i LITERALLY CANNOT talk to without a reference to the stupid game! And there are allot of people like this!
    (2) like M.S said, it is cool that it is a game made with pixels, and is yet a decent game, but there are much better games that have more action, adventure, run smoother, and in all are more fun to play! And for me, that defines a game, is it fun?If it is fun, it doesn't matter if it is slow! Now, if its REALLY slow, than that cuts down on the fun! Still sticking to my definition of a good game.

  • No no no

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    Posted by: dcdc

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