• Really AHG BLAH

    SURVIVALCARFT IS A COPY OF MICECRAFT. The only thing better is it has a better way of getting other's worlds. BUT NOT UPLOADING. It sucks. It lags more. Has less pixle-like grafics. IT IS A FAIL.

    Recap. Its a copy, has 1 way being better but that is flawed. And need a exteral program, dropbox, to work a simple idea! AGH!

  • Mine craft for the win

    Survival craft is more realistic but it is simple to think that it is just modded mine craft so if survival craft is basically moded mine craft so what's the point of survival craft then?? Also mine craft can go to the end and nether and what can survival craft do in terms of dimensions? NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! And mine craft has texture packs like jelly and it also has mods like light saber mod so yea mine craft is way better

  • Because Survivalcraft is a copy of Minecraft

    That means that Minecraft was so good, they made a game that was exactly like it so they could get in on the money! OBVIOUSLY! Other then that Minecraft is better because there is an actual goal to it, defeat the Ender Dragon. Unlike SurvivalCraft, which is a game with no point!

  • Minecraft is better than Survivalcraft

    In my opinion, Minecraft is bette than Survivalcraft because there is soo much more for you to do, also we have multiplayer in Minecraft. Im Minecraft we have a very clear objective. Kill the Ender Dragon and Wither. Also, Minecraft has Many mods that can make your gameplay experience better. Or if your too obsessed with vanilla, you can still make your experience better with mods like Optifine and the Cape Mod.

  • Lol survival craft is better

    Clearly survival craft is a more refined experience, With it contains a wide variety of plethora of mechanics and aspects that simply do not exist in minecraft. Sure minecraft has a degree of simple simplicity that makes it more marketable to a younger audience. So yeah survivalcraft is better lol.

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