Minimum wage at a living wage: Should the minimum wage be set at a living wage level?

  • Workers are seen as expendable assets

    Workers are no longer viewed as the backbone of a company that should be taken care of so they can continue their work. They are treated as expendable assets that should take what they are given and be happy for it, Even if it's not enough to live off of.

    At the same time they are told they are lazy for not paying for an education they can't afford, Or stupid for taking out loans to get an education. It has become the norm to beat on them mercilessly as the cause of all of their own problems.

    Instead of stepping on their back to hold them down we need to to lift them up by supporting a living wage.

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  • Living off of Minimum Wage

    Yes, I do believe minimum wage be set at a living wage level. No matter who you are or what you need in your life, everybody deserves to live stress free without struggling. Single parents trying to raise their kids can not live off of $7.25 an hour. Many workers either become starving, homeless, or in debt. Without receiving the right amount of money, every worker living off of minimum wage will not survive or it will become very difficult for them to make something of themselves and go to school to get a real career. Many people depend on minimum wage for every aspect of their lives.

  • Raise the Wage or Feel the Rage

    Minimum wage should be set at a living wage level, because everyone deserves to live happily and without struggling. Companies shouldn't control their wage because if it was up to them people would be paid way less then minimum wage. People who are against minimum wage should sit on the other side of the fence. Its wrong and sad for people to have to live paycheck to paycheck. Minimum wage should be set at a living level because then people could live without worrying about losing their house,car,or children because of lack of money/income.

  • Don't remove the minimum wage

    If minimum wage was removed, companies will will pay like 50 cents an hour, and no American wants to work for that wage, so they will hire only immigrants to do these jobs, then other companies will lower their wage rate considerably as well and soon almost everyone will be poor.

  • I think that the minimum wage should be set at a living wage level.

    I think that the minimum wage should be set at a living wage
    level. It is ridiculous that we pay fast
    food workers and other low level worker so little for minimum wage. Do you want an unhappy person preparing your
    food? It is a shame that the national
    minimum wage is so low.

  • No people should be paid for what they do

    Minimum wage should be set as the price of what the worst job is worth so it goes no lower than that. Why should employers pay workers more if the job they're doing is not worth it. If they can't live off that wage they should get another job as well. It's not employers responsibility to ensure their workers can live off their pay. All they should have to do is pay someone to do a job fairly.

  • There should be no minimum wage.

    The states need to quit changing the minimum wage and allow businesses to decide their own rate of pay. If a business does not pay well enough people will not work there. The business would be forced to raise their rate of pay to a fair amount or to go out of business. If workers do not like what they make they are always free to go elsewhere. It's a simple concept but it works. All the raising of minimum wage does is drive up the cost making the raise mean nothing.

  • Living wage is minimum wage

    The reason there is a minimum wage is because thats the set wage that you can live off of. If you cant live off minimum wage then you need to stop purchasing royalties like fancy clothes and expensive bottles of water. You dont need all that fancy stuff. Stop partying and get your life together!!!!!!

  • Remove State Control of Wages

    Laissez-faire: the spirit of capitalism. It's the idea that businesses should do their business without cumbersome limitations imposed by government. The idea that if a business wants to do good, it needs to make its own right decisions. While the United States has embraced many principles of laissez-faire, wages are still something the state controls. While the idea is noble, the reality is that state control of wages holds back the process of innovation. In this age of information and intelligence, it is not too difficult to qualify yourself for high-paying jobs. Simply: people want to make money, and they will work reasonably to do so. Workers, especially immigrants, need to be educated about making good decisions in choosing a job. Companies need workers, and to get them, they need to reasonably pay their workers. If they can't, the competition will wound them.

    Posted by: Mz7
  • Thought of getting a qualified job?

    Creating a minimum wage is the first step to socialism, the idea that physical laborers are the true backbone of society, and that they deserve equal wages to intellectually qualified workers. See how that worked out in the former USSR? It is not very hard to acquire the proper skills needed to receive a well paying job in the United States, due to all the free information available to almost everyone. Workers on minimum wage are making less money than more qualified individuals because they provide less important services, that is how capitalism works. No one is forcing you to work for a low salary..

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