Minimum wage in the United States: Are there no alternatives to raising the minimum wage?

  • Minimum wage should be raised.

    There really are no good alternatives to raising the minimum wage because the cost of living has gone up. Most people working minimum wage jobs are living in poverty. This is not ethical. They work hard and deserve to have a better quality of life and be able to afford basic necesities.

  • Major decrease in crime

    More teens will want to work taking them off the streets to lower violence and gang related activities in the united states of America.... Studies have shown teens are involved in street gangs because of the increasing price of daily thing that we buy.... Instead teens are getting involved in stealing for these products.... Raising the minimum wage will 100% benefit America

  • Raising minimum wages isn't the answer, capping incomes of those at the top is

    If minimum wages were increased then the cost of everything would go up because many at the top are not willing to decrease their income to help others. Unless you were to put a cap on peoples income at the top, then nothing will change. Some may argue that capping, for example a ceo's income, is a violation of rights; however on the same point they are actually violating others rights because of their greed. Everyone has the right to the basics, food, shelter, health, especially when there are enough resources to provide everyone with these basic needs. Those at the top do nothing more than exploit their workers; they would be nothing without those at the bottom. Unfortunately with most politicians coming from money they see the situation differently and feel as if they are entitled to an excessive amount of income based off the false notion that they worked hard for their wealth and feel that those at the bottom are just lazy. In reality they were given opportunities that lower class individuals will most likely never see, due to educational differences between lower and upper class individuals, family connections, ect. It's just a cycle of the rich keeping those at the bottom down. Ultimately they need to be held responsible for conditions they have created. People are dying bc they dont have access to the resources they need when those at the top have more than enough to share the wealth.

  • Minimum Wage: the issue that ensues

    Minimum wage could and should be raised because it really could help with poverty levels. While I understand this could not be a big enough break for the people in poverty, it could help. Minimum wage is definitely something that should be raised. Raising it may help those with financial issues to overcome the problems they are faced with today.

  • Freeing the market to make more jobs

    If you look around the US at "freer" markets (i.E Texas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Florida and many other "red" run states) you notice that as the government gets out of the economy (to a certain extent) the economy is able to improve (and bring all up with it) - plus on a side note minimum wage is not "living wage" you are suppose to get a job (work hard) and move up (entry level positions are for people ENTERING the job market (not living at the bottom))

  • There are alternatives to raising the minimum wage.

    No, there are alternatives to raising the minimum wage because raising the minimum wage is not the only way. The other ways are giving companies an incentive to give people raises and giving companies an incentive to hire. If you give companies an incentive to give raises or hire, then it will help.

  • Raising minimum wage is not the only thing to help the poor

    Although raising the minimum wage would greatly help the poor, it does not answer the fact that as incomes rise, prices for goods also rise along with it. Certain benefits, such as tax breaks for low earners, are important things that go hand-in-hand with raising the minimum wage to help the poor class.

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