Minimum wage in the United States: Should the minimum wage in the United States be increased?

  • Buying true Hope.

    A little while back I was talking to an older gentleman. He said to me "Son I pity your generation, I really do because when I was your age I was working in a factory making good money. By the time I was out of highschool I bought myself a brand new car with the money I had been saving. Now son you can't do that because the jobs teens get don't pay like they use to. Someday I hope to change this." I haven't seen him since someday I hope to be able to change this and grant that man the one the one thing he wanted to see. But with the minimum wage what it is it won't happen.

  • Ridiculous, Ridiculous, Ridicoulous

    There is no way they should raise the minimum wage. Flipping burgers at McDonalds is a basic job that SHOULD UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE pay well. The more well educated you are, the better job you can get. It would be unfair if someone with a good education who works hard in school earns as much money as someone who didn't care about school and flips patties at McDonalds. These jobs aren't meant to be permanent.

  • Entry Level jobs are not careers.

    As disheartening as it may be for fast food and entry level job holders to earn under current minimum wage salaries. I believe there is not much wiggle room for them to get a salary boost higher than 8 to 9 an hour. In current events protests were held for the minimum wage to be bumped to 15 an hour. This is ludicrous to sat the least. 15 years ago I started out in a Entry level job as a cashier for Chick-fil-A making 7.00 an hr. I worked and saved then searched for a higher paying job then progressed as such until I came to my current career with hard work and dedication not demands and griping. With that being said lets examine what would happen if we could hypothetically pay such ridiculous amount to these entry level positions. Step one, if we bump the salaries of each employee of say McDonald's then the franchise owner of the restaurant would have to raise the prices of a big Mac to level cost of paying his employees. This would render an expensive meal for fast food and people would simply stop eating at said restaurant due to cost. While on the examination of cost, cost of living would jump up because if the millions of Americans that do work low income jobs had more money from some magical fund, then things like a gallon of milk and goods would also raise with the standard of living rendering a pay raise useless. Also think about the people that actually earn 15 an hour, how would you feel working at a more educated job and realize that your pay grade was equaled to a burger flipping 16 year old who has no life experience. It took me almost 5 years in the job world to start earning 15 an hr, now I earn over 50k a year because of a degree and the job experience I learned from starting out in the "mail room" and working my way up. Here is a reality check, these entry level jobs are not supposed to be a one stop career field but a starting point. If you want a career in fast food then you should already be in understanding you will never be rich monetarily. I encourage you to work hard progress, go to school and get ahead in life do not settle for a entry level position for life.

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