Minimum wage in the United States: Should the US federal government increase the minimum wage?

  • Definitely! It's far too low.

    If a single person cannot afford to pay rent on minimum wage without being on assistance or having other financial help like roommates, then the minimum wage is just not a living wage. We need to either SUBSTANTIALLY raise the minimum, or eliminate part time hiring on minimum wage, to avoid the loophole major companies are utilizing to get out of paying benefits. It should be either A. We get paid a fair, higher wage for part time, or B. We get paid minimum wage, but it's higher to account for the USA's insanely high living costs.

  • Yes it should be around 13-15$

    I do think the minimum wage should be increased, because most minimum wage jobs are in customer service, and the shit people deal with daily basis, deserves more money. If you never worked in customer service, you will probably give me a intelligent reply, but please go work there, you will change your mind about humanity.

  • Yes, middle class dwindling!

    Yes! I use to disagree until I researched. I'm educated, highly skilled worker and I pay my taxes. Recently reports suggest that the income between lower, middle and high earners is wiping out middle class income. The income inequality is even greater now with inflation rising quickly. If you put more money into the hands of lower class and (hopefully) middle class people can spend money on good and services, like small business! It's been said that the middle income is what drives the economy, not the rich! In addition, lower class people can no longer be dependent on the government. I.E our tax dollars to be put to use elsewhere I.E school that can be more affordable. Something needs to happen soon so the middle class can thrive!

  • It's too low!

    A person earning minimum wage will likely spend all their earnings on necessary items. If you give them more money, the will spend more money on other necessary items. For example, if you give a minimum wage worker a thousand dollars, they will spend it on food and clothes, etc. If you decide to give those thousand dollars to a non-minimum wage worker, they will likely put it in their bank account and not think about it. So, by increasing the minimum wage, the workers will spend more money, thus resulting in a higher economy.

    Also, minimum wage does not increase when the inflation takes place. The inflation rate is currently around 3%, so money loses 3% of its value each year. Meanwhile, minimum wage does not increase. It's still the same, so minimum wage workers lose some money each year. Since there was a minimum wage freeze in the past few years, people have started to speak up for minimum-wage workers, who are not on the benifitting side of inflation. Minimum wage has therfore decreased over these years, so now we should increase it, so the workers can pay their living expenses.

  • Yes, the US federal government should increase minimum wage.

    Currently, it is impossible for an individual to live off of minimum wage. However, the very definition of minimum wage is supposed to be the minimum that an individual can live off of. It makes no sense that hardworking people who make minimum wage are not making enough to live off of via one job, and so are having to take on two or three in order to support themselves. The minimum wage should, thus, be raised.

  • No minimum wage should be increased

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  • Minimum wage has fallen far behind the cost of living

    The rate at which minimum wage has increased over the decades falls dramatically short of the general rate of inflation over the same period, and at this point it's a joke. The original idea was that someone working full time could support themself on their income, and that's impossible virtually anywhere on 7.25 an hour *before taxes*. There's a misconception that an increased minimum wage would lead to inflation, but inflation has more to do with wages ABOVE the basic cost of living. Making it possible for people who are paid minimum wage to pay rent on the cheapest apartment available without working two jobs and going on food stamps would lead to lower rates of homelessness, less use of government assistance, less debt, and fewer malnourished children- not inflation.

  • Get a better education.

    People do not realize that most of the workers today work for a small business. Majority small business owners can not afford to pay out even more money that they already do. If you think your rent or any kind of payments are too high then lower your standards. If you do not have an education to get a better job, then its your own fault. Everybody as the chance to get a better education sometime in your life. Its completely on you if you can not support your living.

  • No, the minimum wage should NOT be raised!

    No. Absolutely not! I know people always complain about how they hate their job at McDonalds and how they demand more pay. But you know what? Go to college. Get a degree. You aren't SUPPOSED to be able to support yourself with the money you receive from a job like McDonalds! Personel from the military don't even make 15 dollars an hour! People need to work harder and actually put in effort to getting an actual job, than complaining.

  • Rasing minimum wage is pointless

    If we increase minimum wage, what is preventing younger workers from just flat out dropping out of high school? Minimum wage is meant only for teenage workers, and the work is also meant for that. Why should we raise minimum wage? No point at all. Just encourages people to drop out of school.

  • Will create further job losses/mainly to the benefit of teenage workers

    In several cases, employment has decreased more than the increase in wages and thereby overall earnings are still reduced. Businesses are sometimes forced to hire fewer employees because they must pay minimum wage. Studies also show that VERY FEW LOW-WAGE workers actually come from families in poverty. Thus, minimum wage is more often imposed on the sixteen-year-old worker with his first job than on people who would otherwise be unemployed.

    On the topic of gaining more education, while i understand college isn't for everybody and some complain they can't "afford it" I've seen foreign students attend a community college, paying out of country tuition that is double to triple in state tuition, working 30 hours a week at minimum wage and paying their loans. Further more, I've done it on Michigan's minimum wage of $8.15 taking full time classes. (12-18 credit hours) There is no excuse. Even those born in the most unfortunate of circumstances can do it, you have to put more effort in, but you can do it.

  • Payment by Quality

    You get paid by what you are worth. Minimum wage is intended for those who are working for the first time. As you prove your worth and work quality, you will most likely get a raise and a higher position. No business wants to pay someone extra if they can't do a good job.

  • No they shouldn't

    A minimum wage is necessary to ensure people don't get exploited, but if you raise the minimum wage, the companies will either get rid of some employees, raise their prices, or both. Basically what happens is fewer people will be working, and the extra money other workers earn, they will have to spend on the higher costs of everything else. So in the end it is much worse to raise the minimum wage, because essentially you won't be getting any more money. Sure, you may have more money, but because of the inevitable inflation, if a dollar was worth a dollar beforehand, it may be worth 75 cents after inflation, even though it is still a dollar in your hand.

  • There is no point.

    As stated as before, small business owners can not afford to pay more than minimum wage. Many people think that if we raise minimum wage people will be getting more money. This may be true, but prices of goods will also increase, and we will find that many will have to be let go due to insufficient funding. There is no point is raising minimum wage.

  • Keeping the "mum" in "minimum wage"

    Small firms can't pay the increased pay of minimum wage workers. This results in job loss, since that small firm has to lay off workers to pay the increased salary! That's why the government had a freeze in the increase of minimum wage. Also, since more people have more money, the competition for products increases, so the price per product increases.

  • Raising Minimum Wage will hurt the economy

    If minimum wage is raised, prices go up. Prices go up, amount of jobs go down, and less items get purchased. Less items purchased equals more people get laid off. More layoffs equate to another drop in the stock market, bankrupting more big companies, laying off more people. More people laid off equates to another great depression-like time.

  • Support Overtime wages instead of minimum wage

    If the minimum wage is raised, that is not a huge problem. What happens is that raising the minimum wage can hurt small businesses when not utilized well. Instead, workers should look to work overtime where in most states they are guaranteed time and a half. Also, if workers do a good job, it is likely that they will get a raise.

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