Minimum wage in the United States: Would a minimum wage increase be beneficial and/or fair to employers?

  • Yes because it grows the economy

    If wages become more evenly distributed to the lower classes then they will spend more and the economy can grow.I know its a lot more complicated then that but it is obvious that when wages are more evenly distributed then the nations wealth isn't held by a wealthy few.Although inequality of wealth is a necessary evil the lower the gap the more the economy grows

  • Yes, it is fair because the costs of living have increased.

    Increasing the minimum wage is fair because the standard costs of living have increased. The minimum wage of today may be even less able to compensate for the costs of living for tomorrow. For this reason the minimum wage should always increase to match what it costs to live. If the minimum wage was kept this way it would be easier for employers to find quality workers.

  • Flipping Burgers for McDonalds is not a career.

    When someone applies for a job such as McDonalds or any fast food restaurant that requires no real education, you know your not going to be making a lot. These careers are small income, these jobs are for teenagers and maybe college students wanting a job. If your career is McDonalds, then you should of paid attention in school and went to college.

  • Not Beneficial to Employers

    If your are looking at it from the view of employers then increasing mininum wage is defintely not beneficial. No employer wants to have to pay their employees more. This simply means they are going to have to spend more money to pay people and will cut down on their yearly profits.

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