Minimum wage in the United States: Would a minimum wage increase help discourage illegal immigration?

  • In just feel like disagreeing

    For the bloody sake of it I'm saying no just for the bloody sake of it,even though it defies all logic Logic can go to blazes.I don't care what that statistics say but I think a Minimum wage increase would Discouge illegal immmigration,WAIT!If we pay workers more immigrants may want to come legally and be payed the correct amount for their work.And it would decrease poverty because the immigrants and Birthright citizens get payed more,It also would Give more Incentive to legal immigration because of the Oustanding sight of a onlooker looking at the land of opportunity,and wanting to tap into that opportunity .And I'm Not pulling this arguement out of my arse just to disagree,I now after the Realiziation of what I minimum wage increase would to do help are illegal immigration problem I Genuinely believe a minimum wage increase would Decrease illegal immigration and increase legal immigration.

  • No I do not think so.

    I do not think increasing minimum wage would discourage illegal immigration in any way shape or form. That sounds like the exact opposite to method to take if you are trying to be rid of illegal immigration. Increasing the wage allows those who got hired illegally to now get paid more.

  • I think there would be a bigger problem.

    While making the minimum wage higher would be an amazing and wonderful boost to the American middle and low class citizens, I'm afraid that it would make the problem of illegal immigration even worse. You figure, what is the reason so many come into the United States, for money and better living conditions, if they make the minimum wage higher, it just gives them more reasons to get those false documents and come into America!

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